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It is a method that does not depend on weight and aims to remove the regionally resistant fats of people who are close to reaching their ideal weight by suctioning them with a special vacuum or special injectors.



It is an aesthetic operation that aims to treat the existing appearance and functions of the nose by making various changes in bone and cartilage. It is also called rhinoplasty in medical language.



It is performed for reasons such as disproportion to the body, deformities due to reasons such as breastfeeding after birth, overgrowth of the breast in men, loss of breast for various reasons.



It is to make changes in the facial areas (mouth and chin, cheeks and nose, forehead and eye contour) to look younger, to correct facial deformities, to eliminate facial disproportions and to achieve a more harmonious appearance.



It is applied for the removal of excess skin, excess fat, deformations after halimelik, elimination of stretch marks, elimination of loosening and elimination of problems caused by excessive weight gain.



Procedures such as thinning, thickening, plumping, lifting the upper lip, removing lip lines, regulating lip folds and clarifying borders are applied.


Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy

It is the most commonly used method. It is done by removing approximately 80% of the stomach. In this way, the stomach volume is reduced. Appetite decreases as the secretion of the hormone ghrelin decreases. Weight loss is seen both hormonally and due to the change in stomach size. There may be leaks in the stapling line.


Mini Gastric Bypass

It is a simpler method compared to gastric bypass. Unlike gastric bypass surgeries, the stomach is reduced in both, but in gastric bypass surgery, the intestine is cut into the stomach, while in mini gastric surgery, the intestine is connected to the stomach without being cut.


Gastric band, gastric clamp

It is a restrictive method. A small bag with a volume of 30 mL is created proximal to the stomach. Filling this space makes you feel full, which leads to less food consumption. This method is easily applicable, recyclable.


Stomach Botox

Gastric Botox is the process of injecting botulinum toxin into certain parts of the stomach by endoscopic method. This reduces the level of the hunger hormone ghrelin. This slows down gastric emptying and delays the onset of hunger. This procedure is widely used today. Not recommended for those allergic to Botox and those with muscle disease.


Stomach Balloon

It is inserted endoscopically into the stomach. Provides satiety by reducing stomach volume and exerting pressure on the vagus nerve. The most common complication is vomiting. The biggest advantage of this method is that the normal diet can be continued with portion control. Weight maintenance can also be achieved when the balloon is removed by losing weight and maintaining eating habits.


Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile allows us to achieve a perfect smile by ensuring gum, tooth and lip harmony. With porcelain veneers, color differences, tooth fractures and tissue loss are eliminated. It is then aimed to eliminate the disproportions in the gums. Finally, there is the process of teeth whitening.



Implants are screws made of titanium that are inserted into the jawbone after tooth loss. The tooth acts as a root. It does not damage the teeth next to it. It can be performed on individuals over 18 years of age who have completed their jaw and facial development. It is permanent.


Tooth Whitening

It is done after yellowing of the teeth caused by various reasons. It allows the tooth to open 2-3 tons. While this procedure gives a very successful result after yellowing caused by smoking, tea, coffee consumption, it does not provide great success in yellowing caused by medications. Depending on the use, we can see the effect between 3 months and 4 years.


Porcelain Lamina

Lamina dental veneers are applied for color differences in teeth, tooth cracks and fractures, discoloration caused by filling. Compared to other applications, fewer teeth are cut. Sometimes it can be applied without cutting at all. Lamina porcelain is the material that provides the most natural appearance and reflects the light transmittance of the natural tooth.


Zirconium Veneer

It is a method applied to remove stains and decay on the teeth. It can also be applied to broken and crooked teeth. Suitable for all ages. The average duration is between 5-15 years. Zirconium veneers are available in two forms: with or without metal support. It has white color and light transmittance. The patient's mouth impression is taken and prepared according to the tooth color.