It is a procedure that involves the removal of sagging skin and muscle tissue as a result of loosening of the skin and deterioration of its elasticity in the upper and lower lids due to genetic factors and advancing age. They cause bagging. The muscles that prevent our eyelids from falling weaken over time. A drooping upper eyelid causes the person’s eye to close and vision to be impaired if no precautions are taken.

Low eyelid shows a more tired and aged appearance.

Many factors affect the sagging of the eyelid. Constantly looking at the computer, smoking, alcohol use, unhealthy diet, irregular sleep, genetic reasons are among these factors.

Blepharoplasty is usually performed by individuals over the age of 35.

Because after the age of 35, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and droopy eyelids begin to be seen in individuals. However, in extreme cases, that is, in people with low eyebrows since childhood, in individuals who have problems around the eyes due to sleep problems, it can be performed at any age.

Signs of aging in the lower eyelid

It is about the cheeks. As age progresses, sagging occurs on the face due to gravity. As a result, bag formation and discoloration may occur under the eyes. After the age of 40, it starts to become apparent. In addition, laugh lines begin to show themselves, that is, crow’s feet lines are formed around the eyes.

How is lower eyelid surgery performed?

Lower eyelid surgery begins with the creation of incisions just below the eyelashes. The skin is then lifted and the excess muscle and skin are cut away from this area. The oil packets are evenly spread over the under-eye socket. If this procedure is insufficient and the dimpled appearance persists, fat injection may be required.

Signs of aging in the upper eyelid

After the 30s, the skin starts to lose its elasticity. The eyelid course becomes loose and as a result, accumulation occurs in the eyelid. After the 50s, with the thinning of the muscles in the upper eyelid, there is an increase in the abundance of the skin and prominence in the fat pads. Low, sagging and wrinkled eyelids cause an aged, dense and dull appearance.

How is upper eyelid aesthetics performed?

Upper eyelid surgery is the removal of excess skin and muscle tissue by making an incision from the fold line so that the surgical scar is not visible. This ensures sufficient tension. In addition to removing the skin, some patients also need to remove the fat packs on the side of the eye. It should generally be done over the age of 40. In some patients, this process may be delayed even earlier. Another intervention may be necessary.

What should be considered before Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)?

Antibiotics and aspirin-derived drugs should not be taken one or two weeks before the operation. Herbal products such as green tea and vitamin supplements should not be used during this period.

After upper eyelid aesthetics;

  • göz çevresindeki şişlik ve morluk oluşabilir. Bunun oluşmaması için soğuk uygulaması yapılmalıdır. Morluk ve şişlikler 3. günden itibaren geçmeye başlar.
  • göz kapaklarına yapıştırılan bantların arasından sızıntı şeklinde kanamalar görülebilir.
  • baş yüksekte tutulmalıdır.
  • ilk günlerde, göz çevresinde gerginlik, batma, yanma gözlenebilir.