As age progresses, wrinkling and sagging of the skin is encountered. This is a method used to recover skin loosening and prevent sagging. These are the preferred methods since loose skin can also be seen after sudden weight loss or bariatric surgery. Although we say as the age progresses, there is no harm in applying it to make the individual feel good at any age.

When is facelift surgery needed?

After the age of 50, we see sagging. Generally, facelift is performed after this age. However, if you think that your skin is wrinkled and you are uncomfortable with this, you can have a facelift operation at an earlier age.

How is facelift surgery performed?

The main purpose here is to replace the sagging skin and move these elements to where they should be. Facelift surgery is performed through an incision starting in front of the ear and moving towards the back. The excess sagging skin is removed. In the incision, connective tissues, muscles that sag downwards and mimic tissues are also intervened. In other words, we intervene in the skin tissues without touching the skin itself.

How does the process progress after facelift surgery?

  • ameliyat sonrası hastanede kalma süresi 1 gündür.
  • 10-15 gün sonra hasta işine geri dönebilir.
  • uzun bir süre güneşten uzak kalmalıdır ama güneşe aruz kalırsa yüksek faktörlü koruyucu güneş kremleri kullanmalıdır.
  • İlk bir haftada morluklar ve şişlikler görülebilir bir hafta sonunda azalmaya başlayacaktır.
  • birkaç ay alkol, buhar banyosu ve sauna dan uzak durmalıdır.
  • ameliyat sonrası yüzün tam olarak algılanabilmesi için ortalama 1,5- 2 ay gereklidir.

How long does a facelift surgery last?

Since facelift operation cannot stop aging, it may be correct to say 10 years for the duration of permanence. In fact, the person can determine this period. Irregular nutrition, smoking and alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, stress, and lack of exercise reduce this period. On the contrary, this period can be prolonged in people who lead a quiet life, who do not smoke or drink alcohol, and who adopt a regular lifestyle. Sun rays are also among the factors affecting this process. Although we have given a lifetime for this surgery, its effects continue and it can be observed that it has a more tense face than individuals who have never had it done.

Complications after facelift surgery?

The risk of infection and bleeding after facelift is very low. The likelihood of scarring from scalp cuts is also very low. If the scar on the ear is passed through the ear, it will not be visible because the cut will remain inside. If you smoke after the operation, capillary blockages may occur and blackness on the skin starting from the ear. Nerve damage can be observed and may be temporary or permanent. Hair loss does not occur after facelift surgery.

What is a mini facelift?

If the cuts are made only in front of the ear, it is called mini facelift surgery. Since it is small, healing is faster and less scarring is provided. It can be performed on individuals with a small amount of sagging skin. However, in facelift surgery, the scar remains on the inner part of the ear. In addition, in mini facelift surgery, the skin should be sewn by shrinking so that it does not look pot, which causes the scar to look worse and the ear to be pulled a little.